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Phases and Schedule

The Oregon Passenger Rail project contains three overall phases – Understand, Evaluate and Recommend.

Previous Phase: Understand

The Understand phase identified the overall issues along Eugene to Portland rail corridor to ensure an appropriate range of alternatives were selected to consider as the Environmental Impact Statement moves forward.

The project Purpose and Need statement was developed in the Understand phase. ODOT held a series of public meetings in September 2012 to get input to help refine the Purpose and Need statement, draft project goals and objectives and identify alternatives to be considered.

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Current Phase: Evaluate

The project is currently in the Evaluate phase. This phase takes the corridor concepts developed in the Understand phase and screens them in two steps. First, the corridor concepts are screened against the project Purpose and Need. Then, the concepts that pass the first screen will go through a more detailed evaluation against a set of criteria. The results will be published in a Draft Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement that will be available for public review in late 2016.


Future Phase: Recommend

Finally, in the Recommend phase, ODOT will work with the public to identify a preferred alternative and prepare a Final Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement.

The graphic below shows the general process for the Oregon Passenger Rail EIS, along with key outreach points.

Anticipated Study Schedule

The schedule is in the process of being updated. Check back soon for the most up-to-date schedule.